Welcome to the Self-Insert Webring!

The idea of this webring is to allow anyone to have a cute little badge on their website that shows their relationship (whether platonic or romantic) with a certain character! Once you sign up for an account, you provide your information so that you can display a JavaScript widget like the one below on your website:

Feel free to check out our members list here, or the about page for more information and rules about joining. We also have an FAQ as well! You can sign in or make an account by clicking these links, or the links in the top left corner.


September 16th, 2023: Putting in some style changes courtesy of reon! Hopefully the site will now be mobile responsive when it's finished, and will look a bit nicer too! Please e-mail me if you notice anything that looks odd or broken.

April 30th, 2023: I added the vertical widget size from V1 of the webring to the 'get your code' page! Please let me know if you run into any issues using it since I edited it for this version pretty quickly. EDIT: I totally messed up the code yesterday lol, it should hopefully be fixed now.

April 23th, 2023: We've already had quite a lot of people sign up! I'm glad to see that the new automated system is working as intended - I haven't had any problem reports yet! I edited the members' list slightly to add a member count, and to prevent default listings from showing up until a character has been selected (though these default accounts are still included in the member count).